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Simply Delish Natural Chocolate Pudding

Net Carbs: 2.3
Protein: 0.5

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Ketogeek Chocolate Fudge Energy Pudding Pods

Net Carbs: 3
Protein: 7

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MHP Power Pak High Protein Pudding (Chocolate)

Net Carbs: 8
Protein: 30

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Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups

Net Carbs: 18
Protein: 1

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Simply Delish Natural Chocolate Pudding 2.3 Net CarbsSimply Delish Natural Chocolate Pudding

It's amazing to see low carb products that are gluten free, fat free, sugar free, lactose free and cholesterol free AND they don't have any preservatives or artificial color. There is hope in the world. The Simply Delish company makes this low carb pudding by using Stevia so there are no calories and very low carbs. I love it!

If you are not into Chocolate pudding (weirdo), this low carb pudding also come in "Chocolate & Vanilla" and "Strawberry" flavor. Strawberry Pudding? That sounds terrible, don't buy that.

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Ketogeek Chocolate Fudge Energy Pudding Pods 3 Net CarbsKetogeek Chocolate Fudge Energy Pudding Pods

Dear Keto Geek... what is a "pod" of low carb pudding? I'm thinking that is just some fancy term for "little, round plastic container"? Either way, this low carb pudding looks like a creamy, delicious treat for any time of day! You get 8 "pods" in the box, so you'll have enough for a week... or one long evening Netflix binge. You decide your fate on this one.

This low carb chocolate pudding dessert is the original treat that no one can resist! It's also Gluten-free and Kosher, and made with real milk and no high-fructose corn syrup. What's not to love about that? Other than the word "Pod"?

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MHP Power Pak High Protein Pudding (Chocolate) 8 Net CarbsMHP Power Pak High Protein Pudding (Chocolate)

I've never eaten pudding out of a can... but I would for this low carb pudding! I even like the sound of the name "Pudding Power Pak"! You know it's cool because they left out the "C" in "Pack". There aren't many low carb puddings that are also HIGH PROTEIN. That's the winning combination that I wish a lot of other food manufacturers would follow. These also come in French Vanilla... but... com on... Chocolate is king around here! While I typically don't pay much attention to reviews (I like to make up my own mind) the reviews on this ow carb pudding are overwhelming positive! Averaging 3.5 stars (out of 5) from 238 reviews. Pretty good!

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Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups 18 Net CarbsSnack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups

Yes, pudding is a basic comfort food for me, especially chocolate. And sometimes I just want to eat some real food, not processed and made in a factory. And that’s the problem here. This is HEAVILY processed, chemical-filled pseudo-food, and it tastes that way. I try to stay ahead of my carb hunger by allowing small indulgences. But there’s nothing indulgent about this stuff. It will leave you with a chemical taste in your mouth, and a feeling of guilt in your heart. Like eating your friends Tide PODS right before the Tide POD Challenge. #notcoolbro

And you won’t even enjoy it! Save your carb budget for a single piece of really good chocolate, the kind with real cocoa. or get yourself some real low carb pudding. It will soothe your cravings for fewer calories than a tub of this stuff, and the satisfaction will stay with you. I believe that an occasional treat ought to be guilt-free. Eating commercial, shelf-stable pudding makes me feel guilty of a crime against my taste buds with no redeeming value to my body.

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