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Real Good Foods Low Carb Enchiladas (Cheese)

Net Carbs: 4
Protein: 25

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Stouffers Creative Comforts Chicken Enchiladas

Net Carbs: 27
Protein: 12

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Amy’s Cheese Enchiladas

Net Carbs: 32
Protein: 17

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Saffron Road Enchiladas Poblano

Net Carbs: 44
Protein: 13

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Real Good Foods Low Carb Enchiladas (Cheese) 4 Net CarbsReal Good Foods Low Carb Enchiladas (Cheese)

Real Good Foods wins again. They are on a roll here at! Their products are constantly winning the low carb comparison battle and so this enchilada is probably amazing. My big questions is... is an enchilada basically a burrito with some sauce on it? Don't get me wrong... I love mexican food... but I feel like they just put the same kind of ingredients into different formats and call it something else. For example... take seasoned hamburg and various veggies and put it in a corn tortilla shell = Taco. Take seasoned hamburg and various veggies and put it on corn tortillas = Nachos. Same stuff, different format.

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Stouffers Creative Comforts Chicken Enchiladas 27 Net CarbsStouffers Creative Comforts Chicken Enchiladas

When I think of Stouffers, I think of stuffing. That's probably why when I saw this meal I assumed it was going to be super-high in carbs but it turns out that it was on the low end (for enchiladas anyway). This is a pretty good deal if you have a big family and it's mexican night... the package contains 8 enchiladas and the serving size is one enchilada... so unless you've reproduced about as many times as Eddie Murphy (I just learned that he has 9 kids!) this should be enough for the entire family.

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Amy’s Cheese Enchiladas 32 Net CarbsAmy’s Cheese Enchiladas

Notice how the product box shot says "Whole Meal"? That means you not only get a sabroso enchilada (Google Translate tells me that "sabroso" means "yummy" in Spanish) you also get some black beans and some corn. That's very nice of Amy to do that.

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Saffron Road Enchiladas Poblano 44 Net CarbsSaffron Road Enchiladas Poblano

This is another enchilada meal that not only includes the enchilada but also includes black beans and rice. Most companies should do that... it saves you time from having to find something else to eat with your main dish.

FUN FACT: When I was a teenager, I worked at a grocery store and I learned that the most expensive item by weight in the entire store is a teeny-tiny container of saffron spice. Check it out next you go grocery shopping.

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