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Great Low Carb Fettuccine Pasta

Net Carbs: 7
Protein: 12

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ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta

Net Carbs: 8
Protein: 6

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Al Dente Carba-Nada Reduced Carb Egg Fettuccine

Net Carbs: 17
Protein: 15

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Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Net Carbs: 43
Protein: 4

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Great Low Carb Fettuccine Pasta 7 Net CarbsGreat Low Carb Fettuccine Pasta

Out of the low carb fettuccine noodles on the market (and there don't seem to be many) at 7 net carbs per serving, these are the lowest carb option for fettuccine noodles that I've found so far. The taste and consistency are pretty good too. I think the ThinSlim Foods fettuccine overall has a better taste and since it only has 1 more net carb than this brand does, ThinSlim Foods is my preferred brand. But these noodles are good and I would definitely purchase them if the other brand was out of stock.

The consistency of these noodles is more al dente than traditional pasta...but I'm actually a fan of that. Unlike the ThinSlim Foods fettuccine that doesn't take more than 5 minutes to cook, these noodles take around the same amount of time to prepare as traditional pasta (12 - 14 minutes or so).

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ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta 8 Net CarbsThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta

I love pasta dishes, specifically mac and cheese, butter noodles and just about any type of fettuccine Alfredo dish (fettuccine is my favorite type of pasta in general). But due to the amount of carbs in one serving of pasta (and I've never been one to eat only a single serving of pasta) I tend to eat traditional pasta very sparingly.

For a long time the only low carb "pasta" options that I could find were the shitaki based "miracle noodles." My husband is a fan of them, I on the other hand am not...not even a little bit. So when I found these low carb fettuccine noodles and they were not shitaki based, I was thrilled!

ThinSlim Foods gives a taste guarantee stating that it has these noodles have the real pasta taste...and they're right. Taste wise these are the best low carb fettuccine noodles and the texture wise they are pretty close too. The consistency of the noodles are slightly thinner than regular pasta so you just need to be mindful of that when you cook them. Simply cook them for 3-5 minutes to achieve the optimal consistency and you're good to go. And at only 8 net carbs per serving, if you are a fettuccine lover like I am, I definitely recommend trying these out.

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Al Dente Carba-Nada Reduced Carb Egg Fettuccine 17 Net CarbsAl Dente Carba-Nada Reduced Carb Egg Fettuccine

At 17 net carbs per serving, I would call Al Dente Carba-Nada's fettuccine a reduced carb pasta option more than low carb option. So from a carb standpoint it's definitely not the best low carb fettuccine noodle option, but it's really delicious (it takes like actual pasta), has a real pasta-like consistency and in the grand scheme of things is considerably lower than traditional pasta (take a look in the carbs in the Barilla pasta below).

This brand is also different from the other low carb pasta brands in one very distinct way. It's fettuccine is available in five different flavors! The fettuccine is available in the following flavors: egg, basil, lemon pepper, egg pappardelle and roasted garlic. All of the flavors are 17 net carbs per serving. They can all be cooked within 3 - 3 1/2 minutes as well, making it a very quick and easy meal to prepare on those busy weeknights.

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Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 43 Net CarbsBarilla Gluten Free Pasta

Not much to say about this traditional pasta, other than it's tasty and (no surprise here) is loaded with carbs, lots and lots of starch filled carbs. You could literally eat 5 servings of ThinSlim Food's low carb fettuccine noodles and it still come out to less carbs than 1 serving of this Barilla's gluten free pasta. So if you're a pasta lover like me and are carb conscious too, do yourself a favor and don't deprive yourself of your favorite fettuccine dishes but rather enjoy a tasty, low carb alternative.

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