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Real Good Foods (Pepperoni Pizza)

Net Carbs: 4
Protein: 25

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Quest Nutrition Frozen Pizza (Pepperoni)

Net Carbs: 6
Protein: 28

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Atkins Stone Fired Three Meat Pizza

Net Carbs: 11
Protein: 26

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Veestro Veggie Pesto Pizza

Net Carbs: 98
Protein: 12

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Real Good Foods (Pepperoni Pizza) 4 Net CarbsReal Good Foods (Pepperoni Pizza)

Sometimes we find something that is really amazing and we're super-excited! This is one of those times.

I actually thought I read the description wrong... but I didn't. You know how the crust of a pizza is the part where all the carbs come from? Well... the food geniuses at Real Good Pizza Co. (aka: the Willy Wonka of Pizza) use CHICKEN & CHEESE instead of flour! What! OMG! That's how they squeeze 25 grams of protein into PIZZA.

We tried these and what's kinda cool is that you can get a plain cheese pizza... but since the crust has chicken in it... it tastes like a meat lovers pizza. Great job RGP!

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Quest Nutrition Frozen Pizza (Pepperoni) 6 Net CarbsQuest Nutrition Frozen Pizza (Pepperoni)

That's a lot of good things to say about this pizza, really low net carbs, really high protein, but... once again the SALT MONSTER attacks! 1210mg of salt! C'mon! I also know how small these types of pizzas are, so I'll probably end up eating the entire thing so that will be 2420mg of salt. That's like guzzling the salt shaker. I better start drinking water now.

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Atkins Stone Fired Three Meat Pizza 11 Net CarbsAtkins Stone Fired Three Meat Pizza

Atkins is the granddaddy of the low carb life. The O.G. of L.C. if you will.

It's no surprise that they make a pizza that's really low in carb. My only complaint (and it's not only Atkins that does this) is that there is WWAAYYYY too much salt in this pizza. Over 1,000mg of salt? What did you empty the entire salt shaker into the pizza dough?

Expert Advice: if you are going to dive face first into this pizza... drink lots of water.

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Veestro Veggie Pesto Pizza 98 Net CarbsVeestro Veggie Pesto Pizza

Dear Veestro, how is this even possible? I'm so confused right now. Look at the picture of this VEGGIE pizza. It looks... kinda healthy... right?

*slaps pizza* This bad boy has OVER 105 carbs (97 net carbs) in it! I mean... is it stuffed with brownies? Did you make the crust out of chocolate fudge? What did you put in this carb monster to get the number of carbs so high?

I could see if it was a deep dish Supreme pizza with stuffed crust and drizzled with chocolate... maybe then it would have over 100 carbs. But this a veggie pizza that has a normal crust.


Trying to be positive here: Unlike the other salt-filled low carb frozen pizzas listed, this one only has 430mg of salt!

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