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Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Mix

Net Carbs: 1
Protein: 9

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Zero Guilt Sweets Low Carb Gingerbread Cookies

Net Carbs: 4.3
Protein: 3.3

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Go Raw Organic Superfood Ginger Cookies

Net Carbs: 14
Protein: 2

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Foodstirs Very Merry Gingerbread Cookie Mix

Net Carbs: 20
Protein: 2

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Low Carb Gingerbread Cookie Mix 1 Net CarbsLow Carb Gingerbread Cookie Mix

When the holidays roll around, gingerbread cookies are one of the most popular must have treats. But like most tasty baked goods, they tend to not be friendly to low carb diets. That's why this low carb gingerbread cookie mix is awesome. It only has 1 net carb per serving!

The mix will create a dough that can be rolled out and using these cookie cutters, shaped into a cute gingerbread family. The dough can also be shaped into regular cookies as well. One thing to mention about this dough is that it's not quite as thick as dough made from a traditional mix. So you need to be careful when rolling it out. But despite that it still makes yummy gingerbread cookies, that are free from preservatives, high in fiber and also keto, paleo and diabetic friendly.

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Zero Guilt Sweets Low Carb Gingerbread Cookies 4.3 Net CarbsZero Guilt Sweets Low Carb Gingerbread Cookies

It's no secret that baking is synonymous with the holidays. But with all of the decorating, shopping, gift wrapping...the list goes on and on, the holidays tend to take our already overly chaotic schedule and send it a whole new dimension of crazy. This usually leaves little time for things like holiday baking.

So when you don't have enough time create holiday treats from scratch or maybe you despise the mere concept of baking, this is when premade low carb baked goods become your new bff. Take these low carb gingerbread cookies by Zero Guilt Sweets for example. They are handmade from scratch and are so mouthwateringly, delicious, making them the best low carb gingerbread cookies ever! And they contain a bunch of wholesome ingredient too.

At 4.3 net carbs per cookie, they're slightly higher in carbs than the LC Foods gingerbread cookie mix, but these are a bit tastier. On top of that they are premade and get delivered right to your doorstep! Sounds good to me! The only down side is that aren't shaped into adorable gingerbread men.

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Go Raw Organic Superfood Ginger Cookies 14 Net CarbsGo Raw Organic Superfood Ginger Cookies

These Go Raw Organic Superfood Ginger Cookies are more geared to be a nutrition filled gingerbread cookie enjoyed while on the go or while sitting at home on the couch enjoying an episode Netflix's Nailed It (if you aren't familiar with it, I highly recommend checking it's quite entertaining).

Back to what I was saying before I got distracted thinking about Neflix. These are a good (moderately low carb) snack that's better suited for your own personal enjoyment. Made from sprouted sesame seeds, ginger, dates and coconut...from a nutritional stand point these gingerbread cookies are awesome.

But while healthy (and tasty) they definitely don't have the same taste or anywhere near the same texture as a traditional gingerbread cookie. With that being said these definitely aren't the type of gingerbread cookie that you'd serve on a platter at a holiday get together. So when it's time to bring a treat to the holiday gathering, and you wan't to be a low carb superstar, these wouldn't be the best low carb gingerbread cookie to bring to the party.

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Foodstirs Very Merry Gingerbread Cookie Mix 20 Net CarbsFoodstirs Very Merry Gingerbread Cookie Mix

This organic gingerbread baking mix creates a dough that has a perfect consistency. The dough rolls out nicely, making it easy to cut it out with cookie cutters or you can roll it into balls for a more traditional cookie shape. Regardless of your preferred way to prepare the dough, the end result will be 25 delicious, buttery, mouth watering gingerbread cookies. While there isn't any denying that this mix makes the perfect gingerbread cookies, it comes at the price of 20 net carbs per cookie.

Let's face it, with all of the Christmas parties, holiday baking, family gatherings, etc. the holidays are probably the trickiest time to maintain your health and weight goals. I for one do not like to deprive myself so in order to be able to indulge during the holidays, due to the copious amounts of food you'll be around, it's best to try to find as many delicious low carb options as possible.

For example you could eat just one of these traditional gingerbread cookies (which is 20 net carbs) OR instead you could indulge on ALL of the following low carb treats and it will still come out to less net carbs than that one measly cookie.

You could literally eat one of these gingerbread cookies, one of these sugar cookies, a pack of these gummy bears, this pumpkin muffin, one of these brownies, this carrot cake and even this everything bagel and it only be a combined total of 18.3 net carbs.

I'm not saying that you would consume that much food in one sitting (but it's nice to know that you could if you wanted to). The point of this is to show you that when you have multiple holiday events to attend, if you pick low carb options you can frequently indulge without packing on the holiday bulge.

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