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Great Low Carb Rotini Noodles

Net Carbs: 7
Protein: 12

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ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Rotini Noodles

Net Carbs: 8
Protein: 4

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FiberGourmet Light Low Carb Pasta & Noodles

Net Carbs: 23
Protein: 8

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Barilla Rotini Pasta

Net Carbs: 40
Protein: 7

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Great Low Carb Rotini Noodles 7 Net CarbsGreat Low Carb Rotini Noodles

At 7 net carbs per serving, these are (currently) the most low carb rotini noodles you can buy. It has a really good taste and texture and is perfect for pasta salad and macaroni and cheese (one of my personal favs). Of course the noodles pair well with red sauce too. From a flavor stand point, I'd say these are the best low carb rotini noodles because they taste pretty close to actual pasta. And with the amount of protein and fiber it contains it helps keep you full longer.

Fun fact: If you ate the entire bag it would only come out to 28 net carbs. That's 12 carbs less than what's in just 1 serving of Barilla's rotini. Not that I'm advocating that you stuff yourself and eat the entire bag of pasta, but let's say you've had a long and stressful week and you "accidentally" eat the entire bag. At least you you don't have to feel anywhere near as bad if you ate the equivalent amount of Barilla (which would be 160 grams of carbs). Yikes!

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ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Rotini Noodles 8 Net CarbsThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Rotini Noodles

Craving pasta but not the carbs? These low carb rotini noodles will satisfy your pasta cravings and keep your pants fitting comfortably.

This is not only a low carb pasta but it's also low in calories. At 65 calories per serving it has less calories that other low carb pasta options. When it comes to making a meal choice, I personally place greater consideration on the amount of carbs food has per serving than the amount of calories. But the reality is that calories are important to take into consideration too. So if there's a low carb, low calories version of something like ThinSlim Foods Impastable low carb rotini noodles, that's likely the option I'm going to go with.

The texture of these noodles are pretty good, not quite the same as traditional pasta but one thousand times better than shitake noodles (for the record I despise shitake noodles). Overall, when a pasta craving hits this is a great alternative that tastes very similar to the real deal.

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FiberGourmet Light Low Carb Pasta & Noodles 23 Net CarbsFiberGourmet Light Low Carb Pasta & Noodles

At 23 net carbs per serving these certainly are not the best low carb rotini noodles on the market. But they are reduced carb and have approximately 40% less carbs than traditional pasta. All in all this pasta tastes good and has a good consistency but considering you can get low carb rotini noodles that only have 7 or 8 net grams of carbs per serving...why would you choose this pasta?

Honestly, the only scenario where I'd go with this pasta is if I had a hard core mac & cheese craving (which on occasion has been known to happen) and when I went to the grocery store they didn't have any lower carb options. So yes, in that case I'd go with this brand because it has significantly less carbs than traditional pasta.

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Barilla Rotini Pasta 40 Net CarbsBarilla Rotini Pasta

If I knew how to phonetically spell out a snoring sound, I'd type it here. Why you ask? Because that's what traditional pasta, like this Barilla rotini does to me. As tasty as it is, it tends to makes me sleepy. It's as if a hypnotist is waving a pocket watch right before my eyes.

Not only does it make want to take a nap, it also doesn't do anything good in terms of how my clothes fit me. And since I'm a busy person who rarely gets the opportunity to nap and prefers to comfortably fit in her clothes, when a pasta craving hits I'm going to do myself a favor and stick to a low carb pasta.

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