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Annie’s Organic Strawberry Toaster Pastries

Net Carbs: 32
Protein: 3

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Toast’em Pastry Tart (Frosted Strawberry)

Net Carbs: 36
Protein: 2

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Pop-Tarts (Frosted Strawberry)

Net Carbs: 37
Protein: 2

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Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries (Berry Strawberry)

Net Carbs: 78
Protein: 6

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Annie’s Organic Strawberry Toaster Pastries 32 Net CarbsAnnie’s Organic Strawberry Toaster Pastries

Pop Tarts are the ravioli of the pastry world... a delicious outer layer packed with yummy goodness. I like the Annie's brand. Maybe it's bright colored packaging, maybe it's the cute little bunny... but I feel like they at least try to make things as healthy as possible. These toaster pastries only have 32 Net Carbs... for what it is... that's not that bad.

WARNING: Under no circumstance should Pop Tarts (excuse me... "Toaster Pastries") be considered breakfast. Regardless of the amount of carbs and sugar... any toaster pastry should be considered dessert. They are a terrible way to "start your day".

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Toast’em Pastry Tart (Frosted Strawberry) 36 Net CarbsToast’em Pastry Tart (Frosted Strawberry)

Net Carbs... 36... not bad for toaster pastries. They look just like the name brand Pop Tarts but the product packaging reminds of the kind of product your passive-aggressive wife would buy if you said to them after a fight "Hey, honey... can you pick me up some Pop Tarts"... and they come home with this monstrosity and say "I thought they were the same thing, hunny!" in a cheery yet deceitful voice.

They're not Amy.


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Pop-Tarts (Frosted Strawberry) 37 Net CarbsPop-Tarts (Frosted Strawberry)

These are classic. Ask anyone who's been around since 1964 the question "Ever have a Pop Tart" and the answer will be an overwhelming "Yes"! As far as "I know these are not good for me, but screw it, I'm hungry and I'm not cooking... what's in the cabinets?" these are the go-to grabbable snack. On more than one occasion I've consumed a pack of Pop Tarts and a glass of milk in about four minutes. Sure it feels good going down, but then you regret every chewy, strawberry filled bite.

Fun Fact: For the first three years of Pop Tarts existence, they did not have frosting on them. It wasn't until 1967 when some genius at Kelloggs added the solid white frosting we all love.

Site Note: Finally I can use the word "Pop Tarts" in a low carb product description and not have the internet yell at me for interchangeably using that term and "Toaster Pastry" as the same thing. They're not. I get it Trevor from Nebraska! No need to write again. After writing descriptions for four other "Toaster Pastries" and using the term "Pop Tarts" incorrectly in each one, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

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Nature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries (Berry Strawberry) 78 Net CarbsNature’s Path Organic Toaster Pastries (Berry Strawberry)

This is a great example of the incorrect thinking that is running wild today, it's the "Hey, it's organic, so it's gotta be good for me" logic. That logic is very wrong. Yes, you'll be eating "Organic" food but you'll also be consuming 36 grams of sugar... do you know how much that is?

Let me show you... go into your kitchen right now and grab NINE teaspoons (not the really big ones, those are tablespoons)... fill those nine teaspoons with sugar and you've got about 36 grams of sugar sitting in front of you. Here's the fun part: eat all those spoonfuls of sugar. Do it! Most people will probably bail at this point in the game but eating these "Organic" Pop Tarts is the same thing as eating those nine teaspoons full of sugar.

I know it's not just Nature's Path that does this sort of thing, lots of companies do, but this practice should be illegal as people see the "Organic" label and think they are eating healthy. #notcool

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