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Coco Nori Paleo Coconut Wraps

Net Carbs: 2
Protein: 1

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Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Wraps

Net Carbs: 5
Protein: 4

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Mission Low Carb Soft Taco Flour Tortilla’s

Net Carbs: 6
Protein: 5

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Old El Paso Restaurant Grande Flour Tortillas

Net Carbs: 50
Protein: 7

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Coco Nori Paleo Coconut Wraps 2 Net CarbsCoco Nori Paleo Coconut Wraps

While it's getting a bit easier to find low carb options for food that typically ranks high on the scale of carbs, it's not always easy to find a low carb version that's also gluten free. This is especially true for things like pasta or in this case, tortilla wraps. Considering that the main ingredient is coconut, it's is obviously not a true tortilla wrap. But unlike many other low carb tortilla wraps, this one is gluten free!

I should also mention that the wrap has a little bit of a sweet taste to it but find that it's not too overpowering. One big bonus is that it has a good wrap consistency. Unlike some other gluten free wraps that tend to be stiff and crack, this one is more flexible and rolls up quite well. It's also really good for you too. Not only is it organic, but it's high in fiber and diabetic, keto and paleo friendly too! And it's only a mere 2 net carbs per wrap!

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Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Wraps 5 Net CarbsOle Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Wraps

With a low carb tortilla wrap on the market that tastes this good, I have no idea why anyone would opt for a high carb option. These tortillas taste like an authentic Mexican tortilla! The texture of these wraps are soft and flexible and basically everything you would ever want in a tortilla.

They are very versatile and can be used to make burritos, tacos, quesadillas, sandwich style wraps, gyros, and just about any other wrap-type entree you can think of. The only downside is that unlike the low carb Mission wraps which can easily be found at most grocery stores, these aren't as easy to find in stores.

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Mission Low Carb Soft Taco Flour Tortilla’s 6 Net CarbsMission Low Carb Soft Taco Flour Tortilla’s

Let me start by saying that these taste like legit flour tortillas! These wraps are staple in our house! If you blindfolded me and had me take a bite of a regular (high carb) flour tortilla and one of these, then asked me to pick out which one was the low carb tortilla wrap, I wouldn't be able to tell one from the other. The company really did that good of a job creating this wrap.

While it's great for tacos, I regularly use them for quesadillas and sandwich style wraps. My current favorite way to use them, is to take one of the wraps and top it with lettuce, some shredded chicken that is coated in this buffalo sauce (which makes what we refer to in our house as buffalo-tized chicken), and drizzle some ranch or blue cheese dressing over all of it. Then roll it all up into a very satisfying, yet low carb meal!

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Old El Paso Restaurant Grande Flour Tortillas 50 Net CarbsOld El Paso Restaurant Grande Flour Tortillas

Pants too loose? Shirts fitting a little too well? Are you ready to GRANDE-size your life? Then these Old El Paso Restaurant Grande Flour Tortillas are for you! Packing a whopping 50 Net Carbs, these tortillas will throw any attempt at "eating healthy" right out that skinny window! Great for making burritos, quesadillas and wraps... not so good for losing weight and fitting into your clothes.

BONUS: The label also says that they are "Super Soft"... like your waistline will soon be soon after you eat these!

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