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ThinSlim Foods Zero Carb Everything Bagels

Nutrition Information
Servings per container 6
Serving size 1 bagel
Calories 90
Total Fat 4g
Saturated Fat 2g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 180mg
Total Carbs 14g
Fiber 14g
Sugar 0g
Sugar Alcohol 0g
Net Carbs 0g
Protein 14g

Nutrition information is accurate as of: September 10, 2018

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ThinSlim Foods 100 Calorie, 2g Net Carb, Love The Taste Low Carb Everything Bagels

Product Description

With only 90 calories and ZERO, YES ZERO net carbs per serving, I honestly don't know how ThinSlim Foods managed to create the best low carb everything bagels ever! The consistency is not 100% exact compared to a regular bagel...but it's pretty darn close. Most importantly, they taste just as good as regular bagel and will satisfy your bagel cravings. And even though I already said it, I can't emphasize enough that it's a zero net carb miracle!

Friendly note: If you do decide to give these a try, be sure to store them in the fridge. They are highly perishable and will quickly grow mold if you store them in a cabinet or on the counter.

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