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#1 What you need to know about us

We are NOT doctors and we DO NOT sell any food on this website (we provide links to online stores where you can buy the products).

This website is run by just two people - we are a husband and wife team from Tampa, Florida who live a low-carb life.

We created Outsmart Carbs to share the information and products that have helped us live healthier and shed some unwanted pounds.

We help people do that by creating comparisons of similar types of low carb food.


#2 How the low carb comparisons work

The easiest way to know is something is good or not is to compare it to something similar.

Using nutritional data, we compare similar types of food (from different companies) to find the lowest carb option... we call that a "Comparison". Each comparison is made up of four food products, three low carb items and one high carb item. When it comes to understanding our comparison data, it will look something like this screenshot.

The four products are ordered by lowest Net Carbs first.

The item on the left of your screen (or at the top of your screen if you are on a mobile device) will always be the item with the lowest number of Net Carbs.

There are few things you should know about about Comparisons...


1: By default, we are automatically displaying the most important information (Net Carbs and Protein) however, do see that switch above the four food boxes? If you click on that, it will expand the box and display ALL the nutrition information of all four products.

2: Clicking on the Check Price button will take you to an online retailer where you can purchase the product.

3: Clicking on the Learn More link will take you to the full detail page of that particular product.

4: We always include one high carb item (the item with the red background) to show you what you would normally be consuming if you went with a traditional (high carb) option.

Shareable Image: Under those four boxes is a description about each product and if you scroll down even further you’ll see a shareable image that you can save and post on your social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest, etc…).

PRO TIP: Use the hashtag #outsmartcarbs to connect with other low-carbers.

NOTE: We’re always tweaking things around here, so these screenshots might look slightly different than the current live pages.

#3 How we calculate Net Carbs

Since carbs are something we try to avoid, the most important number we look for is Net Carbs (the second most important number is Protein). While there are other factors to consider (like Sodium, Sugars, etc…) when analyzing food, Net Carbs is the main factor in our comparisons.

We calculate Net Carbs across all products using this formula:

Net Carbs = Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohol

#4 We've got something for everyone

We realize that carbs isn't everything to everyone. Some people count calories. Some people need to avoid sugar. Maybe your doctor told you to watch your cholesterol. For all the people who "count something" before eating, we have a dedicated page called Counters.

We also know that everyone cannot eat the same food. Some people have special dietary restrictions (or aspirations), so we’ve also tagged all food items with things like Gluten Free, Vegan, etc… You can find links to all of those pages in the navigation menu under Find Low Carb Options > Specialty

Here are a few links to some of those pages:

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#6 Give yourself a high five!

You’re here, which means you care.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase your energy or just find ways to cut out unhealthy food from your diet, you’ve already taken the first step.

Right now, keep the momentum going by reviewing the latest four low-carb comparisons below and finding something yummy for your next meal.